keranos edh control designed for multiplayer play

General gameplan is control, permission and attrition, this is done via multiple board wipes and mass bounce, a plethora of counterspells, card draw, and mass land destruction. The deck runs plenty of land to draw with keranos, as well as plenty of scry effects to ensure drawing more lands than opponents after a mass wipe.

Although this is a control/land destruction themed deck, it of course has a few win conditions in the late game, the primary one being keranos himself via bolt damage or devotion beats.

The secondary win conditions are planeswalkers.

Although very squishy in multiplayer edh, sticking any of these planeswalkers followed by a Jokulhaups often gives them enough safety to be able to ultimate, which usually wins you the game if not leaning it in your favor.

The planeswalkers and enchantment combined give plenty of devotion to activate keranos, and both usually stick around after a Jokulhaups.

Oftentimes, sticking either enchantments or walkers before a board wipe results in massive card advantage and tips the game in my favor!



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