The goal is to win by inflicting 50 damage via Aetherflux Reservoir. This is an all-in deck. Suggestions are welcome. The life gain progression after the Reservoir is out is as follows for 1 spell cast, 2 spells, 3 spells, etc: 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, 55... The formula is N(N+1)/2 where N = number of spells after the Reservoir is out.

10/04/16 Update: I revised the deck and added eleven 0-drops. Focusing more now on the 'storm' aspect, in the vein of this Channel Fireball deck, but mono-blue. (Link formatting doesn't seem to be working, sorry.)

Endless One used to be in here for another 0-drop, but obviously it could be used as a creature too if the situation called for it. I have sinse removed it.

10/14/16: It might be easier to look at it this way. The non-land cards breaks down like this: 8 control cards, 9 draw cards, 2 control/draw cards (i.e. Jace), 10 zero-drops, 4 Reservoir, and 3 Paradoxical Outcomes.


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