This is a deck no one will want to play against! It is a Zur the Enchanter PRISON deck that makes it very difficult to play against! The objective is to get out Zur, get some early evasion enchantments and things to make it hard to kill him (ie. Steel of the Godhead and Greater Auramancy) to make it so he won't die, then you lay on the fun (for you) prison effects that make it impossible for the rest of the table to do anything! While everyone else is grumbling at these prison affects, you are free to pick away at their health using enchantments suck as Daybreak Coronet and Blessing of the Nephilim (fun fact, auras you get using Zur can in fact enchant creatures with shroud and hexproof, i looked it up) and then once you have had your fun, give Zur infect by using Phyresis. Also, in case of a board wipe, although they are annoying, there are cards like Hubris and Curator's Ward to try to help it be not so catastrophic. The best part is when you go after the lands, destroying any hope of anyone being able to play anything (besides you with zur) using things like Back to Basics and Mana Vortex. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, suggestions are always welcome.


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