My semi-competitive deck. I wanted to make one that didn't have typical commanders, and this was the result.

The plan generally is to get Tana out asap, usually turn three or four. Next turn cast Sidar, and swing with an unblockable Tana. Kessig Wolf Run and Mirror Entity are huge supports, as they allow Tana to be pumped after blockers (usually none) are declared. Allowing her to remain unblockable, while dealing huge damage. Knight of the Reliquary and Tempt with Discovery help fetch Kessig, while Eladamri's Call can get Mirror Entity. There are several life gain etb effects that take advantage of all the saprolings that will be coming into play, and help me stay healthy for the long game if need be.

There are three infinites in the deck. Two of which require Tana. Optional Sidar if you need help making your creatures connect.

-Tana + Vitaspore Thallid / Samut, Voice of Dissent + Breath of Fury + any other creature power 2 or 1 creature.

Enchant the extra creature with Breath of Fury. Swing with Tana and the enchanted creature. Tana will create two saprolings, one of which will be enchanted with Breath of Fury. If they all have haste with Samut, great, attack again. If not, sacrifice the extra saproling to Vitaspore to give the enchanted saproling haste. Rinse and repeat.

-Tana + Aggravated Assault + Cryptolith Rite + Samut, Voice of Dissent + 4 other creatures of any kind

Self explanatory really. Swing with Tana, activate Aggravated Assault, attack again. Each time gaining at least two extra saprolings.

-Darien, King of Kjeldor + Kyren Negotiations + Healer of the Pride

Just can't get the commanders out? Using Kyren Negotiations, tap Darien, King of Kjeldor to hit YOURSELF for 1. Darien will create a 1/1 soldier, which will trigger Healer of the Pride giving you two life. This time tap the soldier, hitting yourself again. Repeat. Infinite tapped soldiers and infinite life. If you substitute Healer of the Pride with another etb healer you only get infinite soldiers, and your life will stay the same. If you have one of the token doublers out you can tap the extra soldier to infinitely hit opponents for 1. Impact Tremors works too.

So that's the deck. I'd appreciate feedback and suggestions on how to make the deck more streamlined, other than "change commanders". Cus you're missing the point if you say that. Thanks


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