If you'd always liked to be the mind of an hive, and to have a deck full of insect-like highly mutating creatures with an unstable DNA, well, you are in the right place!

1.Gemhide Sliver is a useful mana source. Thanks to him you'll also be able to cast Aphetto Dredging and Distant Melody

2.Homing Sliver enables you to choose wich ability you need your slivers to evolve, maybe choosing First Strike or Trample instead of a +1/+1, if you need it

3.Hunter Sliver has a good control ability. You can use it to target creatures that you don't like, as sometimes are Essence Warden or others like that.

4.Muscle Sliver/Predatory Sliver are the lords of this deck, you can easily find them in your opening hand

5.Striking Sliver is, unfortunately, the only one-mana sliver of the deck. Best in addition to Hunter Sliver.

6.Two-Headed Sliver is to be found using Homing Sliver. It makes your slivers more unblockable.

7.Battering Sliver is the last to cast. After him you should win. A big 4/4 trample sliver that will enable you to strike the last attack in longer matches. It can be found with Homing Sliver

9 cards of the deck can be considered removal:

1.Lightning Bolt. No explaination.

2.Outnumber, a growing Lightning Bolt

3.Hunter Sliver: enables your slivers to target your opponent's creatures. Better with Striking Sliver

1.Aphetto Dredging is there to help the poor slivers who die. Also great if used on Homing Sliver

2.Distant Melody makes you draw a lot of cards in difficoult situations.

3.Luminescent Rain enables you to live another day, maybe if someone plays a Fireball in a Tron deck or a Corrupt in a black one

4.Manamorphose lets you play spells when you haven't got the right mana. It's also kind of a free drawing spell. If you don't want to spend too much money, you can use Chromatic Star instead

Crypt Sliver is to be used against control decks, you can switch him with the two Hunter Sliver and the Two-Headed Sliver

Spinneret Sliver can be put in when you face flying creatures. Which card you remove to let him fit in is up to you, I prefere switching him with Striking Sliver

Shadow Sliver can be used when you can't damage your opponent (maybe when he plays tons of Eldrazi Spawns) or in the rare cases when you find creatures with shadow. You can switch him with Hunter Sliver

Naturalize is to be used vs, obviously, artifact or enchantment-based decks. You can switch it with Outnumber

Electrickery is a good card when you face Aggro decks or token decks. You can replace Outnumber with it. Almost always cast it for its overload cost

That's All, I hope you enjoy my sliver deck, if you like it help it with an upvote!

Also check my other decks if you have some time to spare!



PerishXDimir says... #1

Love pauper and slivers so +1

June 15, 2017 4:26 a.m.

LeaPlath says... #2

Pure lifegain cards are really just bad? Like, they don't provide tangible advantage. No board presence, no card advantage etc.

Also, wanting to cast blue/black spells without any blue/black lands is risky, even with Gemhide, because the premium removal in the format for pauper is Bolt.

June 21, 2017 5:14 a.m.

passimo says... #3

Hi LeaPlath, Thanks for your suggestions. I personally think that Luminescent Rain is useful in this deck, because it can save you at the last moment, even during your opponent's turn, maybe allowing you to survive even with your slivers tapped or without blocking any attacking creature. Moreover, there are only 2 of them in the deck, so you don't risk to draw them when they are useless. As for the blue and the black spells, they can also be cast using Manamorphose, which is a card that is rarely countered by opponents. Also, putting in some swamps or islands would only result in making the deck worse. I also used this board vs Mono-black control decks and, generally, people think it is better to kill a Muscle Sliver or something like that, than a Gemhide one.

June 21, 2017 8:56 a.m.

LeaPlath says... #4

A pure life gain spell is bad because it helps you not lose which isnt helping you win. It isn't dealing with the threats that have put you on low enough life you think a life gain spell is good. It is trading 1 of your cards for none of theirs. It isn't putting more presence on the board. A pure lifegain spell is just bad.

Also, by requiring the manamorphosis and gemhides, you are openning yourself up for psudo card disadvantage. If you have a gemhide on board, and a blue spell in hand they can kill your gemhide and then have technically traded 1 of their cards for 2 of yours, because that blue spell is now unplayable.

June 21, 2017 10:47 a.m.

passimo says... #5

I see your point but I don't think so. Imagine the opponent attaking you when you have all your slivers tapped and you are low on life. You use Luminescent Rain and you live another day. You have then the chance to attack him because he has evrything tapped and win. See it like a Fog. Yeah, it may not be the best spell, maybe something like Healing Leaves is better, because it can protect your creatures too, I was thinking of replacing Luminescent Rain with it.

As for the other blue and black spells, I've never seen someone killing a Gemhide sliver instead of something else, but if somebody does so, I could always answer him by tapping another sliver for that blue/black mana.

July 10, 2017 3:52 a.m.

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