This is a revamped take on Mill. Mind over Matter is a mill/control Best of One deck designed (for the time being) solely with the upcoming arena event in mind. [win 12 games in a row]

The deck is designed to keep a balance between combat, defense, and mill at it's core. I tried to cover as many bases with this list as I could and I will explain what I mean later, but in all reality, this deck is an attempt to create a relevant standard mill deck. Mill has always felt a tad underwhelming in constructed and I want to make that different.

Although this deck includes a mill strategy it is fully capable of doing 20 damage to your opponent.
You will play (card:Vantress Gargoyle) , (card:Brazen Borrower) , and (card:Thief of Sanity) with the intention of getting over any creatures your opponent may have on the battlefield and closing a game the traditional way. Each of these cards are very versatile in their uses and they each work very well with the theme of the deck.

Admittedly so, the defense pillar is the most stacked. A majority of the cards in the other pillars were picked because of how well they worked at their role AS WELL AS defense. The deck has the option to end the game with a couple of different unique answers, but in a balanced deck like this one you have to be good in all pillars and not great in any. This deck favors defense, with 2/3 of the aforementioned combat cards working defensively as well!
You will use (card:Merfolk Secretkeeper) and (card:Wall of Lost Thoughts) to cut low to the ground aggro decks off at the knees early. Not only this, but you will also be getting cards off the top and turning on gargoyle and (card:Drown in the Loch) to answer a variety of threats. (card:Fae of Wishes) will serve as a main reason for running this deck in the first place(will be explained later) and as a big butt that can not lie.
As for (card:Gadwick, the Wizened) you can help get your opponent down to 20 by swinging in, sure, but the best way to use gad in this deck is to cast blue things and tap down threats before they get a chance to strike. Not only that but you can get a grip of cards woah.
Use (card:Thought Erasure) to get ahead of the curve and proactively answer threats.

So there are the above mentioned walls, thiefy boi, and access to the sideboard where things get interesting.
I designed the deck around (card:Fae of Wishes) to attempt to get an unfair advantage in the fact that most players will not use their sideboard as it is a best of one event.

However, I feel like this is the weakest part of the deck at the moment.

That has prompted me to write the list up and (hopefully) get some feedback.

Hope you enjoy,


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