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Naban's bouncy castle of wizards




When Wizard's Retort came out, I (like many others) started to wonder whether it was possible to create a tribal wizard's deck in Modern that would actually hold it's own - if only to revisit the glory days of Counterspell. But then Naban, Dean of Iteration was leaked and I lost it. This card is ridiculous! Consider the following:

Naban, Dean of Iteration + Reflector Mage or Harbinger of the Tides - bounce two of their creatures back to their hand.

Naban, Dean of Iteration + Silvergill Adept or Wistful Selkie - all the cards.

Naban, Dean of Iteration + Master of Waves - basically a win condition in and of itself. Double the elementals? Okay.

And my personal favourite (thanks to SaffronOlive for the idea),

Naban, Dean of Iteration + Venser, Shaper Savant - means you can either bounce a permanent and a spell, or return two permanents, or bounce to spells. And permanents include land. Which means you can effectively time walk your opponent.

With all these triggers, how about a way to keep repeating them?

enter Venser, the Sojourner and Momentary Blink.

Venser, the Sojourner and Venser, Shaper Savant will bounce two permanents on the opponent's side per turn.

Momentary Blink is just absurd in this deck: more cards, more elementals, more bouncing, more everything! (just be aware that if you blink Master of Waves you need to have another one out or the elementals will liquify)

Add Aether Vial, Cursecatcher, and Siren Stormtamer for some team protection (and early switching on of Wizard's Retort ) and we're good to go.


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