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  • Chalice of the Void - In vs: Grixis Shadow (1), Phoenix decks (1), Living end (0), Balance (0), Affinity (0) Good cuts: Vial, Dismember
  • Relicof Progenitus - In vs: Dredge, Living end, Jund/rock, jeskai control, Phoenix decks, Storm Good cuts: dredge/living end: dismember - Phoenix/jeskai/jund: Blur and Sentinel - Storm: CoCo
  • Damping Sphere - In vs: Tron, Storm, Amulet Titan Good cuts: Tron and Titan: Dismember - Storm: CoCo
  • Warping Wail - In vs: Titanshift, UW and Jeskai control, Vizier combo decks, Storm Good cuts: Dismember in nearly every situation - Vizier combo: Darkheart and Sentinel.
  • Darkheart Sliver - In vs: Burn, Phoenix decks, Living end Good cuts: Sentinel, Dismember
  • Syphon Sliver - In vs: Burn, Phoenix, Dredge, other aggro Good cuts: Necrotic, Dismember
  • Frenetic Sliver - In vs: UW and Jeskai, Jund, Rock, Living end Good cuts: Blur
  • Harmonic Sliver - In vs: Affinity, Hardened Scales, Tron, Lantern, Whir Good cuts: Diffusion in each match-up except Hardened Scales, Blur for Scales.


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