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U/B Delver (Updated for January 2020)

Pauper Delver Pauper UB (Dimir)



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Love Delver of Secrets   so figured that's the best common to start with. This list was card for card taken from MTG Goldfish (2019), but if you have any suggestions on what to do differently I would love to hear it!

Also side note: Why is having 1 Snow-Covered Island important in Pauper?

UPDATE: January 2020

Well with the banning of Gitaxian Probe, Gush, and Daze literally a month after I made my pauper deck last year, I was a little burnt out and took a break from Pauper for a bit. But it always calls back, and we finally made some updates to the deck list!

Here is what we're working with! Let me know your thoughts, and what is your choice between 2 of Foil or swapping that out for a 2 of Spell Pierce?


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+2 Agony Warp main
-2 Annul side
+1 Ash Barrens main
+1 Counterspell main
-4 Daze main
+2 Deprive main
-1 Disfigure main
-2 Duress side
-2 Elusive Spellfist maybe
-1 Foil main
+2 Force Spike main
-4 Gitaxian Probe main
-3 Gush main
+1 Hydroblast side
+2 Mystic Sanctuary main
-1 Nihil Spellbomb side
+2 Shrivel side
+1 Snuff Out main
+1 Soul Reap side
+2 Spell Pierce maybe
and 23 other change(s)