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This is a fun deck-- "an oldie-but-a-goodie!" Yes, the concept of the Electrostatic Pummeler deck has been around since the card was spoiled. It's a solid budget option for a pretty competitive deck. This particular build is preferred as it has win conditions other than Electrostatic Pummeler itself. Longtusk Cub and Bristling Hydra are certainly capable of getting the work done. After sideboarding, Glorybringer and Hazoret the Fervent are certainly capable finishers as well.

There really aren't any Ixalan cards in the deck. I'll probably tinker with it a bit to see if any are useful, but the deck seems pretty solid "as is."

I hope you like the deck and I think you'll find it competitive and fun!

Bristling Hydra is a beefy body that gets work done while getting counters (and can be hexproof). Good card.

Electrostatic Pummeler would seem to be the card around which the deck is built. However, I have sided them out before and the deck stand just fine on the other creatures. Nevertheless, using a lot of energy and giving the Electrostatic Pummeler trample is just fun!

Greenbelt Rampager is an interesting card. It is a mana sink as it eats to enter the battlefield. At the same time, it is a 3/4 for only ! I am torn over this card. It may stay in the deck, it may not... What I do know is that 4x was too many because it ate so much energy. 2x seems like a more reasonable number.

Khenra Charioteer, well, you didn't see that one coming, did you? Ha! This card throws opponents for a serious loop. It is a solid 3/3 WITH TRAMPLE for , which is very good value. The fact that it gives all of my creatures trample once it hits the field is even better. Sure, I don't get any energy out of the deal, but this is a card that absolutely demands an answer or opponents will pay. I'd rather this be the target than Electrostatic Pummeler or Longtusk Cub as I have Fling and Invigorated Rampage to still get good damage through. It's one more card that opponents are forced to answer.

Longtusk Cub is probably the most dangerous card in an energy deck. It just grows too quickly and can get really out of hand for an opponent. It's pretty easy to add +1/+1 counters with the amount of energy in this deck.

Rhonas the Indomitable is quite nice. Indestructible, able to pump a creature +2/+0 and give it trample. Very useful in this deck.

Servant of the Conduit is the reason this deck can get away with only 22 mana. This mana dork does a lot of work in the early game.

Voltaic Brawler is just dangerous. It brings in energy, can be pumped (only once, unfortunately) to a 4/3 with trample, and is just a good card for only 2 mana.

---------- INSTANTS ----------

Blossoming Defense is a critical element. After pumping an Electrostatic Pummeler to some ridiculous power/toughness, it's important to give it hexproof or it will be subject to removal.

Fling is a very interesting addition. It could be used the same turn that an Electrostatic Pummeler enters the battlefield, or even in response to removal. This can make the pummeler damage go straight to the face.

Invigorated Rampage is the instant speed boost and trample-enabler needed to really get Electrostatic Pummeler going.

---------- SORCERY ----------

Larger Than Life to pump the creature and give trample. Enough said.

Aether Hub is great for getting energy and for early game mana fixing.

Desert of the Fervent and Desert of the Indomitable are here just to provide deserts to sacrifice for either Hashep Oasis or Scavenger Grounds (which is in the sideboard).

Hashep Oasis is another way to pump Electrostatic Pummeler for a surprise. It's a shame it has to be sorcery speed, but it works well.

Rootbound Crag is a nice dual land for fixing mana.

Sheltered Thicket is a good card as a dual land. It comes in tapped, which is why there're only 2x, but the ability to cycle (and I have used this ability) can be quite useful.

Aethertorch Renegade is a questionable call for this deck, admittedly. However, the 4 energy that it brings are pretty significant, and I have used both of its abilities at various times. While only a 1/2, it does do some work.

Blossoming Defense is described above. Another copy is here for matchups with a lot of removal or bounce spells.

Field of Ruin is very useful indeed! I managed to destroy a couple of flip lands from Ixalan with this. Sided in against a U/B control and against a mono-B Marionette Master deck. I suspect this will be a good card for tokens as well (Legion's Landing  Flip).

Glorybringer. Enough said. This card wins games all by itself, particularly in agro matchups. I have very seriously thought about moving it to the main, but Rhonas the Indomitable has the slot I would use for it.

Greenbelt Rampager eats to enter the battlefield, but sometimes that's okay. Slamming this on turn 2 after an Attune with Aether on turn 1 sure made my Ramunap Red and the B/R aggro opponents unhappy. It takes away from Electrostatic Pummeler, but for an early beater in a deck race, that can be okay.

Harnessed Lightning is the primary removal for the deck. This is an excellent way to get rid of creatures big and small-- the energy use is the only limiting factor.

Invigorated Rampage, another copy for those midrange decks where the creatures are just big enough to make attacking not feel too great.

Scavenger Grounds is questionable. It's nice to use against some of the decks that like to dump creatures into the graveyard. I've used Scavenger Grounds to get rid of a copy of The Scarab God that was put into a graveyard (milled from the library), and it helps slow The Scarab God for its ability. It's a good sideboard land.


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