This is a Treva, the Renewer Enchantress/Pillow Fort Deck. Our goal is to get card advantage from casting enchantments, protect our life by taxing attackers, make lots of mana to build a huge token army and finally swing simultaneously against all opponents for a win.

  • Ramp

Our ramp is nearly solely enchantment based. We’re omitting the classic ramp spells e.g. Rampant Growth as our enchantments can function as cantrips in the later game when combined with an enchantress effect. We have Exploration and Burgeoning for extra land drops, auras that let an enchanted land tap for extra mana like Wild Growth or Overgrowth and global enchantments that let all our lands tap for extra mana like Mirari's Wake and Zendikar Resurgent as well as cost reduction for our enchantments in the form of Herald of the Pantheon or Starfield Mystic.

  • Card Draw

We will draw an absurd amount of cards with enchantress effects like on Argothian Enchantress therefore you should probably never keep a hand without one! This deck aims to out-value our opponents via card draw and mana acceleration so having an enchantress online is most crucial to our game plan.

  • Pillow Fort

Pillow Fort enchantments like Ghostly Prison, Orim's Prayer or Sphere of Safety help us surviving the early game to get to the mid game. They slow down our opponents or persuade them to not to attack us all. With the exception of perhaps Sphere of Safety they’re not ment for the mid- or late game when our opponents might have enough mana to ignore the taxing effect for several smaller creatures or even worse have one big creature to swing at us.

  • Building an Army

After surviving the early game we want to establish a board presence and build an army. Therefore we play cards like Luminarch Ascension, Heliod, God of the Sun or Sacred Mesa. Our aforementioned ramp package should already give us enough mana but with cards like Seedborn Muse, Awakening and Wilderness Reclamation we can use our mana even on our opponents turns. With our token generators we actually break parity on a card like Awakening and make it playable. To take it a step further we add Candelabra of Tawnos and Magus of the Candelabra. Now a land enchanted with Utopia Sprawl taps for three and a land enchanted with Overgrowth even for five mana. If we happen to have a Serra's Sanctum out it can get truly crazy...

  • Further Pillow Forting

As long as we have a token producer with enough mana in play Defensive Formation will protect us from incoming trample damage and Martyr's Cause can save us from almost all damage. Furthermore we play a Kor Haven. In this scenario Essence Warden and Soul Warden are also gaining us lots of life with each generated token putting us in a comfortable situation to even let potential attackers through.

  • Winning the Game

Our main wincon is our army of tokens. Often times that is enough to take a victory home but sometimes we need to think bigger. That’s where Finale of Devastation comes into play. Our goal is to cast it for x greater 10 to give our tokens at least +10/+10 and trample and swing in for the win. If both plans fail we have a backup in Starfield of Nyx animating our enchantments.

We are playing the best enchantment based removal that can be found with Darksteel Mutation, Grasp of Fate or Song of the Dryads. Some of those enchantments can handle multiple permanents at once or even shut down opposing Commanders. While this removal is powerful it’s also only sorcery speed. To get around this downside we’re playing Leyline of Anticipation, Vernal Equinox and Alchemist's Refuge. To round things up we’re playing Night Soil as graveyard hate which also fits into our token strategy, a small counter package with Overrule, Absorb and Ojutai's Command as well as two board wipes with Supreme Verdict and Fumigate
We are dependent on our enchantments and mass and spot removal are thing. That’s why we have to include ways of getting our enchantments back. We have repeatable recursion on a creature with Hanna, Ship's Navigator, on an enchantment with Starfield of Nyx and on a land with Hall of Heliod's Generosity as well as one time mass recursion with Replenish.
Well of Lost Dreams + Words of Worship

Is a huge draw engine. Replacing your draw for the turn with Words of Worship‘s effect and then responding to it with Well of Lost Dreams e.g. the turn after you assembled this pair results in drawing three cards and gaining 5 life for 4 mana. Looks like an improved Harmonize to me only that it’s repeatable and gets better the more mana you’ve available.

While they would fit in the token strategy and even are enchantments I found them to be win-more cards in this deck. We’re running mana intense token producers and are not only faster but also stay more reactive when we focus on using our resources on more than one turn with Seedborn Muse effects.

  • Infinite Combos

Would an infinite mana combo make this deck better? Most definitely! But it is designed for a playgroup that has agreed on excluding them. Also I can assure you that it is deadly and fast enough in its current form ;)

  • A different commander

As you might notice when you scroll through my other decks you find that I only play legendary dragons as commander. That’s just what I like :) If you want to exchange Treva, the Renewer for a more efficient and perhaps fitting commander I recommend Tuvasa the Sunlit if you want that extra card draw always available and the potential to win with commander damage or Estrid, the Masked, as she is easily protectable with our pillow fort strategy, provides extra mana and protection with her first and second abilities as well as a pseudo card draw plus recursion with her ultimate.

There are some pricey cards in this list that are not necessary for the deck to function. I’m trying to give you at least some alternatives I can think of but I’m sure there are many more.

First off the mana base. You can swap out the og dual lands Tundra, Tropical Island and Savannah e.g. for the Theros Temples Temple of Enlightenment, Temple of Mystery and Temple of Plenty. Serra's Sanctum is a bit more difficult but in the end it can be replaced with a basic plains just as the Flagstones of Trokair.

Many of the removal enchantments have cheaper but less powerful versions such as Oblivion Ring for Grasp of Fate or Lignify for Song of the Dryads.

Candelabra of Tawnos can be replaced with another mana doubler like Mana Reflection (which you might still not consider budget). The next best thing would be another land aura like Verdant Haven.

For Replenish you could sub in Open the Vaults but note that you will also bring back your opponents stuff.

If you have suggestions or questions let me know in the comments. All feedback is much appreciated! If you like the deck consider giving it an upvote :)


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