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a hot mess of sacrifice effects that can deck you, using Ruthless Knave and Anointed Procession using the treasures as draw fuel.

side board and mainboard suggestions beyond Lost Legacy and Duress

Your win conditions are Marionette Master,Captain Lannery Storm sacrifice treasure and servo's.

Magical Christmas land is two Anointed Procession + Captivating Crew + Ruthless Knave sac creatures and steal your opponents board and sac them to Ruthless Knave generate 8 treasures per sacrifice for a net 5 mana gain, steal an opponents creature, sac it to either Hidden Stockpile or Ruthless Knave

most of your mana problems are solved for the most part from the treasure production and anointed procession interactions, however the main problem with the revolt triggers is your opponent main boarding Fumigates or Bontu's Last Reckoning and destroying your board on their turn so leaving up a treasure to trigger revolt on your turn is key to keeping up after such a play.

the mirror scenario you want to use all your removal on their creatures to keep them from getting a foothold so Ixalan's Binding is in the deck to deal with Cast Out's and Hidden Stockpiles and Legion's Landing  Flip. There is also something satisfying about binding a binding from your opponent to lock them out of a removal spell.


added Huatli, Warrior Poet for token generation to replace Gideon, Ally of Zendikar- took out 1 Captain Lannery Storm and 1 Captivating Crew- added Fatal Push - addedInsult / Injury for the late game rush with tokens or for more reach with Marionette Master- took out Wily Goblin - added a Spell Pierce in the side board for a suprise counter off a treasure token for when I need to get an Anointed Procession down


Argy says... #1

I would try something like this with your mana:

3x Concealed Courtyard
3x Dragonskull Summit
3x Evolving Wilds
2x Ifnir Deadlands - excellent for nerfing gods and fliers, gets rid of little Creatures
3x Inspiring Vantage
2x Mountain
3x Plains
3x Swamp

Fliers are proving to be a problem.

Huatli, Warrior Poet isn't adding much value, and Hidden Stockpile and Anointed Procession just interrupt tempo, until the late game.

I would try this:


2x Huatli, Warrior Poet
1x Hidden Stockpile
1x Anointed Procession


4x Aethersphere Harvester

That gives you an excellent blocker, that can stall fliers, as well as a way to hold on with Lifelink.

If you make any changes tag me in these Comments, and I will take another look.

November 6, 2017 2:58 a.m.

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