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Azkaban: A Prisoner's Primer [W/r Enchantments]

Modern Control Enchantment Pillow Fort Primer RGW (Naya) RW (Boros)



**AZKABAN**! The magical prison! What do you enjoy about Magic? Is it intricate combos, looping activations or cycling through cantrips? Is it cheating out a big threat or going wide with tons of little guys? Do you prefer countering the opposition and leaning on scant win conditions. Well we won’t be having any of that here. Here you will know pain, humility, and patience. You’ll definitely know patience. This deck subverts countermagic in place of a myriad of soft locks that combine to squeeze our opponent out of the game. You know you’ve got something messed up when opponents concede before you ever pose a threat. Squelch Elves with a Ghostly Prison . Watch control crumble to a Pithing Needle . Experience the joy of hope fading from your opponent as Porphyry Nodes dissolves their board while disincentivizing them from committing more. The goal of the deck isn’t so much to win (though it can and eventually will), but to make the opponent lose. Whether it’s their patience, their sanity, or the game makes little difference to us. Strip their deck of functionality and watch them flounder. When their deck no longer has the ability to win, you have all day to do so. Keep track of how deep you are in your deck as well as your opponent. Milling then out is a possibility. Your opponent may not like you for it but a win is a win and they’ll just have to bring their Fracturing Gust s and Back to Nature s next time. An oddity of the deck is that all of its win-cons are essentially win-more barring the Heliod, God of the Sun / Porphyry Nodes creature lock. Again, most games you win will be games the opponent chooses to lose. If you’re at the point where you’re beating with Angels or Heliod, you’ve probably got it locked up good and tight. Likely an opponent will wait it out until they see how the deck intends to win. But once they do, everybody moves on with their lives. That said, don’t be hasty to get a win-con out. Let the pain be the opponent’s demise. Let them beg for death. This is Azkaban! Jank Level: 7

The Primer



The coding for this primer was developed by Epochalyptik here.


Updates Add

The bane of this deck has long been counter based control. They could simply wipe away our important locks and break off for victory once we are depleted. Well now enchantments get their very own Academy Ruins/Volrath's Stronghold:

Hall of Heliod's Generosity

Very fitting in terms of flavor. And a proven backbone to existing Prison decks of the artifact variety. This is going to be a big boon against those control decks that want to pick us apart. And yes, I understand the nonbo with Blood Moon. But when it comes to effects on lands, the opportunity cost is so low. It’s simply worth it.

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