The CAT is outta the bag... Cat tribal (ONLY CAT CREATURES) this deck is supposed to be aggressive and stompy. Welcome to Catmander!



GoneWithLaw says... #1

For a deck that wants to get as much damage in as possible, I'd suggest running Haunted Cloak over Chariot of Victory. Practically the same card except Cloak has Vigilance instead of First Strike. While the first strike is nice, in a deck where you may only have one or two attackers at a time, being able to defend yourself is undervalued.

As far as some extra evasion goes, I'd consider these two equipments: Trailblazer's Boots or Prowler's Helm. Both make your creatures unblockable against MOST decks, except in the few instances where an opponent only has basics or is actually running one of the very few EDH viable Walls.

For every Arahbo deck I've seen running Rancor, I've also been suggesting Gryff's Boon. It gives a small pump and flying, which is rather significant in this deck, but more importantly you can reuse it from your graveyard. It's not as "free" as Rancor is, but nonetheless I think you'd appreciate the recursion.

September 16, 2017 2:31 p.m.

smoothjonny69 says... #2

Yes I think Gryff's boon and haunted cloak would be welcome additions in this deck. I've used trail blazers boots with lots of success. Prowler's helm is essentially unblockable, they could be good. Thanks for your feedback.

September 16, 2017 7:22 p.m.

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