This is a traditional aggro Boros deck. It is built to play at the highest power level that isn't cEDH. This deck aims to win through combat.

This deck likes to start early with aggressive, evasive creatures that slow the opponent down and/or generate you advantage. (mana/card/etc.) Those creatures then scale to the late game with equipment, double damage, double strike, or an anthem. The higher CMC creatures then come down and are typically strong enough to clean up the game. The commander Aurelia, the Warleader comes down in the mid to late game when you have a board presence and doubles whatever engine or threat you had set up.

This deck can be very resilient to the typical weaknesses of aggro (removal, board-wipes) so long as you don't overextend yourself. You also have to be very disciplined with your mulligans as this deck isn't as forgiving to keeping a bad hand as others are.

Please feel free to ask questions about performance, piloting, and card choices. Also please give some feedback if you have experience with decks like this.


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