"My machines have the power to tear the very fabric of reality, and through these rifts in time and space I shall summon the Old Ones to do my bidding!" - Muzzio, probably

If it's more secure to be feared than to be loved, there's nothing as terrifying as Eldrazi and they are brutally powerful. Muzzio makes a good engine for creating card advantage to ramp these guys out (that he cannot put them directly into play may deceive my opponents into thinking he's less of a threat).

I like to imagine Muzzio constructing massive machines, gates into the unknowable depths of the universe, through which he summons his allies. Staple artifact tutors like Fabricate, Trinket Mage, Treasure Mage, and Tezzeret the Seeker have been deliberately yanked out. I want to focus on using Eldrazi to satisfy Muzzio's mad quest for power, generating an assembly line of relentless abominations to unleash on my opponents.

Muzzio is not without his own destructive toys. His great intellect can bring to life Wurmcoil Engine or Steel Hellkite in his defence. Padeem, Consul of Innovation acts as friend and colleague, and the greedy artificial intelligence of Memnarch quickly accumulates resources to fuel his madness. Above them all towers Blightsteel Colossus like "the Mountain", Gregor Clegane . After all, what kind of Evil Genius would Muzzio be without a giant death robot to keep unruly minions in check?

Ideally you want a 4+ CMC artifact on the board before you start activating Muzzio (unless you can use Scroll Rack or Sensei's Divining Top to manipulate your top deck). After that, focus on ramping up and drawing cards until you can afford to drop Ulamog and friends, then watch your opponents scramble to deal.

Paradox Engine is the most broken card in the deck, and I would advise removing it if your playgroup has a real hatred for infinite combos. Cloudstone Curio might make a fun replacement.

Effects like Unsubstantiate are quite versatile, acting as a bounce spell or a way to dodge counters to your titans without losing the cast triggers. Erratic Portal serves a similar purpose, both dodging removal and allowing repeatable cast triggers. Release to the Wind gives a third flicker effect to abuse.

Muzzio was my second commander. A friend returned an old deck to me which had been sitting in a box with some of his college stuff for a decade, and by trading in some of the original dual lands I was able to completely purchase this deck and upgrade my first EDH deck: Shirei of the Weak.

Naturally, the original build used artifacts entirely as win conditions. Nevinyrral's Disk won me a few games with Darksteel Forge, Myr Battlesphere combo'd nicely with Master Transmuter for a horde of Myr, and Basalt Monolith gave me infinite mana several times. Sadly the deck grew stale, infinite combos lost their luster, big beaters like Darksteel Colossus failed as win conditions, and I began relying more on shut down cards like Platinum Angel and Platinum Emperion. I turned to controlling strategies with Ward of Bones and Uba Mask to suffocate my opponents, and the deck lost its fun.

A modern masters booster (birthday gift, thanks Mike!) yielded a copy of Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, and it quickly became one of my favorite cards. The return to Zendikar introduced more Eldrazi titans, inviting me to change the focus of the deck: so began my 2016 campaign to "Make Muzzio Great Again". Using Eldrazi as a win condition has poor synergy with my commander, helping curb my competitive nature in a casual format.

This deck is a lot of fun to play, but I don't win with it often. My creatures are too threatening and it's light on defense.


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