Marionette Master focuses wincon

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Utilize servos to make Treasure, get in early damage with Toolcraft Exemplar, drop a Marionette Master in for the servo/treasure sack and win.

Fabricate is leveraged for flexibility with Marionette and Angel of Invention which also provides some anthem effects, life gain, and possible evasion for some damage.

The control package

Fumigate for wide boards, Settle the Wreckage for god attack.

As a note on mechanics. If Marrionette master and an artifact leave the battlefield at the same time, Marrionette masters ability triggers for each artifact removed in that instance.

This means, Fumigate is your friend even with Marrionette on the field. Ixalan's Binding and Cast Out for difficult permanents. Fatal Push rounds out spell removal For any nusences that dont warrant larger actions. Finally, Angel of Sanctions & Ravenous Chupacabra provide presence swings and additional answers Our opponents top deck plays.

Ruthless Knave will turn 1 servo into 2 treasures, allowing for a 1 mana requirement & 2 servo's to land 24 damage with Marionette resolved.

I have found it satisfying how effective turn 1 Toolcraft Exemplar, turn 2 Hidden Stockpile turn 3 Ruthless Knave, turn 4 sac exemplar to knave to start making treasures and servos each turn. If unchecked, its turn 6-7 gg.

I have tried to make this deck as flexible as possible. Sideboard is still a question, my Meta is as diverse as they come with well piloted Net Decks. Grixis Energy, Grixis Control, U/B Control, Rakdos aggro, U/B midrange, RDW, G/R Monsters, R/G Dinos, GPG with and without refurbish, and still a few approach decks are what makes up the to 20 or so players.

feedback is appreciated


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