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Using Skirk Prospector, Wily Goblin, and Captain Lannery Storm, you can ramp into big bodies like Charging Monstrosaur, Demanding Dragon, and Skizzik. Deal tons of free damage with Sarkhan's Unsealing. Goblin Instigator is gas for Skirk Prospector. Risk Factor is six extra cards or eight damage. Lightning Strike is instant speed removal.

I need a replacement for Risk Factor because it’s way too expensive now. The deck would be less than $20 without it

Best 2 playlines:

Playline 1:

T1: land, Skirk Prospector

T2: land, Wily Goblin/Goblin Instigator

T3: land, sacrifice everything but the prospector and play Demanding Dragon

T4: land, sacrifice prospector for Charging Monstrosaur and swing with both

T5: you’ve pretty much already won by this point but another bomb just seals the deal

Playline 2:

T1: land, Skirk Prospector

T2: land, sacrifice prospector for Captain Lannery Storm and swing for a token

T3: land, attack, sacrifice a token for Sarkhan's Unsealing

T4: land, sacrifice a token to play any big body. If you have a second bomb in hand for turn five you’ve won


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