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Welcome to Kruphix, where big green ramp is protected by blue magic. And then Eldrazi come in and smash things to bits. The game plan of the deck is to ramp quickly, play big creatures, then beat your opponents to death. Or plan B is to cast a very large X draw spell on them and have them draw their deck. Kruphix was the first deck that I built from scratch, and it has grown and changed alongside my playstyle.

One of the best things about kruphix is that fact that he’s a GOD. AKA, once he gets on the battlefield, he’s here to stay. Indestructible limits the ways that people can remove him (exile, bouncing, “tucking” are some of the few), and the fact that he is often just an enchantment actually helps him survive. There is a limited amount of indestructible enchantment removal, and the fact that he’s blue, that’s what the counterspells are for. That makes it safer to build around his ability, and not have to worry too much about having your commander removed.

His first ability, no maximum hand size, makes it so that you can hold up 20 cards in your hand, and not have to discard them all at the end of turn. The ability that this deck really abuses, however, is the fact that he can hold mana as colorless mana rather than having it disappear after phases. This makes it so that you can store a ton of mana between turns, and then use that mana to throw out big scary threats one after the other.

Ramp hard, either with spells like Rampant Growth, Farseek, Cultivate, or with mana rocks like Mana Vault, Mana Crypt, or Sol Ring. Getting Kruphix out as early as possible is usually the right way to go. Spells like Ponder, Preordain, and Brainstorm help make the early draws as smooth as possible. Scroll Rack is another way of getting rid of any really big cards early on, or if you have a garbage hand, just put it on the top of the library and get lots of new cards. Usually a fetchland or land-based ramp spell will be in there, and you can use that to push the junk cards away. The best things about these cards are that they can also be used to cheaply smooth out the draws in the late game as well.
Use countermagic and other such spells while you put lots of mana into Kruphix’s mana battery. This mana can then be used for big scary eldrazi, like Emrakul, the Promised End, Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, and others. Also, the Praetors Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger and Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur are solid threats, though Vorinclex shouldn’t be played without counterspell backup or other protection for it since people aren’t usually fans of having their mana messed with, and wil try getting rid of it. These spells get much easier to cast once Omniscience is up and running, which is usually able to be cast early on. Meanwhile, cards like Seedborn Muse work with Kruphix to generate lots of mana to save up to cast those big spells. This mana can also be used to cast big X spells like Genesis Wave, Genesis Hydra, and Blue Sun's Zenith/Stroke of Genius/Pull from Tomorrow. Doubling Cube also helps get this big mana going, especially with Seedborn Muse. However, Seedborn Muse and the big creatures usually paint a big target on your head. This is where the counterspells and other protection come in.
Mana Crypt, Sol Ring: Some of the fastest mana in the format, amazing in the early game, but also really good for the late game. Sol ring is extremely good for turn 1 or for any other turn where you don’t need the colored mana. Mana crypt is best saved for the turn where you want to play the big spell.

Mana Vault: It’s a great turn one play so you can play Kruphix turn 2, or other things.

Sensei's Divining Top, Scroll Rack: Good for digging through your deck, fetchlands make these really shine

Gilded Lotus: Solid mana rock, taps for 3 mana. Really good with Teferi, Temporal Archmage

Doubling Cube : Great with kruphix, if you have more than 6 mana stored up, it ends up gaining you mana, then really goes off after that.

Azusa, Lost but Seeking: If you get flooded with lands, either in your early hands or after drawing a lot of cards it’s very good for getting lands out. Also combos with Ramunap Excavator and Wasteland/Ghost Quarter/Strip Mine

Birds of Paradise: Mana dork, good for a turn 1 play, but still very useful late game

Coiling Oracle: Solid ETB effect, it either draws you a card or ramps a land.

Consecrated Sphinx: Insane card draw. Unless it’s countered or killed during your turn, you’re drawing at least two cards off this thing.

Emrakul, the Promised End: One of the win cons of this deck. It’s hard for someone to come back from being mindslavered, even given an extra turn to recover, and then you also have a flying 13/13 with trample and protection from instants to beat up people.

Eternal Witness: Pretty much a green staple. Gets cards back from the graveyard...can even get back ramp or a fetchland if desparate

Genesis Hydra: Solid mana sink, and cheats something into play. Also, because the ability is on cast, it’s much harder to deal with whatever comes out as it can’t be countered.

Jin-Gitaxias, Core Auger : The flash is really what does it for Jin-Gitaxias, it either forces opponents to discard their hand save for a reliquary tower type of effect, or it lets you draw 7.

Kefnet the Mindful: a 5/5 for 3, and on turn 4, it can draw a card. With 5 cards in hand when you activate the ability, and if you return a land to your hand, it can be a 5/5 blocker in a pinch.

Kozilek, Butcher of Truth: A huge creature, draws 4 cards on cast, and annihilator 4, this card can really pack a punch

Nissa, Vastwood Seer  : Nissa gets at least a forest into hand, and then it can eventually turn into a coiling oracle or make a 4/4 in a pinch, but usually it’s for the +1 ability.

Oracle of Mul Daya: Gets lands from the top of the library, and works well with fetches.

Ramunap Excavator: Great with fetchlands, wasteland and co, and if someone else kills your lands

Sakura-Tribe Elder: Ramp, ramp, and ramp

Scavenging Ooze: Great graveyard hate, if your meta has that type of thing

Seedborn Muse: Great for ramping if you have kruphix out, or does great things with tapping effects. Also it can untap mana vault without having to pay the 4 mana.

Selvala, Heart of the Wilds: It may occasionally draw a card, but the real draw of this card is that it also mana fixes and if you have big creatures out, then it makes a ton of mana.

Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir: Great to flash in at the end of an opponent’s turn, to protect your stuff, and gives your things flash.

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger: Exiles two things on cast, is indestructible, and when it attacks, it exiles 1/5 of the defending player’s cards.

Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre: Destroys a permanent on cast, and it has annihilator 4. Also, protects against mill.

Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger: Another big creature, and it will typically eat removal, so it will either A) Warp the game so that people are very very cautious about tapping their mana, or B) makes sure that your other big creatures stay alive. Usually is good to cast with counterspell backup or Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir on the field.

World Breaker: Exiles any problematic lands, enchantments, or artifacts on cast, so it can get rid of any problematic indestructible ones. And then it can come back from the grave to do it again.

Omniscience: Usually after dropping this, big things drop. If you drop this, prepare to have counterspells cuz opponents don’t like it when you cast things for free.

Song of the Dryads: Hard to use a threatening permanent when it turns into a tree.

Sylvan Library: Digs 3 down in your draw step, and if you really want to keep all 3, you can pay 8 life to do so.

Pact of Negation Force of Will: The “zero mana” counterspells, or ones that either require mana later or require exiling a card. Although when you’re tapped out and an opponent casts a game winning spell, those costs become worth it.

Counterspell: The classic blue way of saying “No”.

Arcane Denial: A less blue intensive counterspell with no real restrictions. Sure your opponenst draw two later, but this is also useful as a political tool. Plus, you also get to draw a card.

Cryptic Command: The blue mages toolbox, it’s a very versatile spell, and a terrible, terrible card to make as a textless promo.

Brainstorm: Draw the top three cards of your deck, then put what you don’t need in from your hand in its place. Can be used with fetches to shuffle unwanted cards away.

Mystical Tutor: Get whatever instant or sorcery you need and put it on the top of your library. Can be counterspells, draw spells, or even ramp. Can combo with Time Stretch and Seasons Past for infinite turns (the one infinite in the deck that I know of, and it’s only in because all the cards are amazing on their own too)

Cyclonic Rift: Wipe everyone else’s board, at instant speed, and bathe in their salty tears.

Beast Within: kills (almost) anything for the low price of that opponent getting a 3/3 beast

Pull from Tomorrow, Stroke of Genius, and Blue Sun's Zenith: The various instant speed draw X spells. Really good way to use up the mana that Kruphix has stored. I typically like to cast these at the end step of the person before me.

Jace Beleren: Party Jace isn’t really a cutthroat choice, but it’s nice because it doesn’t often get a target since everyone’s drawing. And if someone’s really scary, then use the -1 and only have one target player draw a card (The target is yourself 99.999% of the time).

Teferi, Temporal Archmage: Teferi’s +1 digs through the top 2 cards of your library. The -1 is really nice though, because it untaps 4 permanents, which can be lands, but also can be Gilded Lotus, Selvala, or anything else you see fit to untap. If you ever get to the -10, then ult him to gloat if you want, but the ultimate really doesn’t do a lot in the deck.

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon: He may be a lot of mana, but Ugin is such a powerhouse that it’s worth it. His +2 can kill a mana dork or something with toughness 3 or less, but his –X ability is where he shines: he can wipe the board of colored permanents with CMC X or less. Sure, that includes your stuff, but this is a super hard reset in case an opponent gets really scary.

All Is Dust: A colorless board wipe, and it kills even the indestructible. Since we usually have a bunch of eldrazi out, it doesn’t kill the big threats we have. It’s a good panic button if an opponent gets out of hand, although it doesn’t do a whole lot against artifact/other eldrazi based decks.

Bribery: Picks out the biggest threat out of someone else’s deck, and beats them to death with it or takes it away from them so they can’t use it.

Cultivate, Kodama's Reach: three mana ramp spells are great when you start out with turn one ramp

Explosive Vegetation: Gets 2 lands out for 4 mana, a solid ramp spell

Farseek, Nature's Lore: Two mana ramp. Farseek and Nature’s Lore get out Breeding Pool, Tropical Island or an Island or Forest respectively, with Nature’s lore having the benefit of coming in untapped. Rampant Growth can get either a Forest or Island.

Genesis Wave: Typically the way this deck wins, gets out a lot of big threats, and gets lands so that I can protect the threats later with counterspells or other such things.

Ponder, Preordain: One mana library manipulation spells, really good for early game and still good for late game draw fixing.

Seasons Past: really good grave recursion, and it can go infinite with Mystical Tutor and Time Stretch.

Time Spiral: If your hand is full of junk, it’s a good way to send it into your library. It also untaps 6 lands once it resolves, so it pays for itself.

Time Stretch: 10 mana is easy to reach in this deck, and it gets us two turns as a big payout. Goes infinite with Mystical Tutor and Seasons Past.

Laboratory mainiac: As much as drawing tons of cards seems like laboratory maniac’s thing, I’ve always found him to be a dead draw, as he always pops up early game when I don’t need him.

Enter the Infinite: Paints a big target, and it feels like a win-more type of card in this deck. If I am able to cast it, usually I’m already in a good spot, or I’m already screwed. Either way, I haven’t found it to be super useful.

Seedborn Muse + Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir + Tooth and Nail : Seedborn Muse is going to stick around for a while.

Kruphix, God of Horizons + Seedborn Muse : ALL THE MANA

Force of Will + Mystical Tutor + Sensei's Divining Top : Can counter a spell at any point with only one mana, or, if opponents don't cast anything, can be used to get Genesis Wave or any other instant/sorcery you see fit

Mystical Tutor early on: can be used as a ramp spell

Seasons Past + Mystical Tutor + Counterspell + Force of Will + Omniscience: Repeating counterspells for days

Mystical Tutor + Seasons Past + Time Stretch : Infinite Turns

The biggest thing with Kruphix is that you want to have lots of cheap ramp spells, fat things to use the mana for, and some counterspells/other forms of protection for your threats. The big eldrazi can get kind of expensive, so hydras, leviathans, or other big creatures can be a good substitute. Apart from that, Kruphix is a very flexible commander, and he can lend himself to decent budget-friendly builds.


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