Creature wipes are great when your win condition is a land.

Abyssal Gatekeeper, Black Cat , Death's-Head Buzzard, and Stinkweed Imp all help punish attacking and force the opponent to commit resources. Once the board gets out of hand, Evincar's Justice and Crypt Rats are there for us. Note the synergy between Crypt Rats + Necrobite . When all else fails, Pernicious Deed is our trump card.

Mulch and Satyr Wayfinder help us find Svogthos, the Restless Tomb, and Grim Discovery can get one back if we Dredge it. Conveniently, they also make it huge.

Once the Tomb is up we have a win condition that's immune to our own board-blasting most of the time. Swing away, but be wary of spot removal unless you have a replacement Tomb, a Necrobite , or a Grim Discovery in hand. If they are trying to hold removal, Black Cat or Disciple of Phenax make good second targets for the Discovery.


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