This deck is built around trying to control the board until you can cast a big enough Torment of Hailfire to close out the game or to wipe your opponents board.
  • As backup win cons we have Revel in Riches. This card is uses not only as a backup but also in 2 other ways. First, it can be used as a distraction. Some people see alternate win cons as a target as soon as it hits the board, meaning that it will be a way to draw out removal before playing my bigger threats. Second, it can be used as a treasure producer in order to make the Torment of Hailfire even bigger.

  • The second backup is Tezzeret the Schemer. His -2 in this deck can help out once treasures and ethirium are on board. Other then that, his +1 does the same as the Revel, make cells that can make our Torment bigger.

  • Lastly there is Vraska, Relic Seeker. She may be a little odd in this deck, and shes the only reason green is in this deck. Her +2 makes chump blockers to not take that extra bit of damage. Her -3 removes a threat plus makes a treasure. And her ultimate set there health to 1, making a Torment a ticking time bomb.

Duress is there to replace Harsh Scrutiny when playing against decks that are not tribal or creature heavy.

Negate is there for the same reason as Duress to replace Essence Scatter

Spell Pierce is for if Negate would somehow be to slow. Maybe a turn 1 Spell Pierce will determine the rest of a game. Who knows?

Sorcerous Spyglass is for Ramanup Red and deck with a lot of planeswalkers or cards with activated abilities

Mechanized Production is to replace win cons with Revel in Riches (mostly to be able to test both win cons)

Noxious Gearhulk will always go in with Mechanized Production

Thoughts on these changes?

Any comments or suggestions are welcomed. As Ixalan moves closer, I hope the deck can be competitive. If you like the deck, leave a +1!


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