Here be a Heliod deck I made inspired by a massive collection of decks online with a healthy dose of my own personal flavour and a "my-playgroup-is-pretty-casual-so-I-hope-this-deck-isn't-too-competitive-but-I-still-really-want-to-win" mentality.

Big big fan of white, and despite what I hear people say about mono-white in commander, I just had to try it out. Built on a decent budget (I'll have to work up to Serra's Sanctum, Scroll Rack, and Academy Rector) and meant to be thematically rich and enjoyable to pilot. There are a plethora of potential combos within the deck as well, despite the more token-centric nature of Heliod's clerics + anthems and/or sac outlets and/or cards like Skybind and Sphere of Safety. A handful of the mono-white classics are present too in the form of Sun Titan, Fiend Hunter, Karmic Guide, Reveillark, etc., plus plenty sac outlets, and a decent number of combos (infinite and otherwise) to utilize throughout.

Comments, concerns, criticisms, all welcome here!


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