This deck aims to bring back some of the biggest baddies in standard right now. Let's break the deck into categories. We've got the reanimation package which includes the targets and the actual reanimation spells. We've got graveyard package which lets us put out targets into the graveyard to get back. And finally, we've got the value package which is just a couple creatures to help out.

Reanimation Package

Agent of Treachery - To steal the best thing that your opponent has at the moment.

Drakuseth, Maw of Flames - To kill your opponents board and quickly take over the game.

This deck runs a 2/4 split of these two cards because there's not always enough creatures to make use of Blood for Bones and not having haste can be very relevant.

Blood for Bones - This is great because it allows us to get a creature into play, and abuse either an ETB effect or let us re-cast a big creature late enough into the game. The downfalls of the card though are that you require a creature out to begin with which can be difficult, and it does not give the creature haste so you need to untap most of the time. In case you didn't know, this lets you get back whichever creature you sacrificed as well. So you can sacrifice Agent of Treachery and immediately get it back into play with this card!

Bond of Revival - This card is excellent as well. For one extra mana, you don't need a creature and you get haste. This is usually better, especially if Drakuseth, Maw of Flames is the creature you're getting back.

Now that we've got the main goal of the deck laid out, we have to get things into the graveyard. there's several ways to discard or just mill them, which includes:

Graveyard Package

Chart a Course - This is great, for just you get to draw two cards and then put something in the bin. Excellent for digging for combo pieces and putting them where they need to be. Can be better than Tormenting Voice because you don't already have to have the fatty in your hand to get it in the graveyard.

Tormenting Voice - This card is nearly the same as Chart a Course except it's and you need to discard first. As I said above, this just means you have to have the reanimation target in hand before to get it in the bin.

Stitcher's Supplier - This card lets you put 3/6 cards in your graveyard for just . Not only that, it also provides a creature for blocking and for using with Blood for Bones . It's excellent for this deck.

Tomebound Lich - Three mana is a tad expensive but this creature gives you a solid blocker as a 1/3 but also discourages attacking into it with deathtouch and helps you against aggro with lifelink. Not only that, but you can loot, which helps you find combo pieces and put creatures in the graveyard to reanimate. Overall an excellent card that I think every reanimator list should run.

Finally, we have the value package.

Value Package

Dusk Legion Zealot - This card is great because it gives you a blocker/body and helps you dig to whatever you may need.

Rekindling Phoenix - This card might belong in the reanimation category, but it's generally just a great card. It's resilient, and can be sacrificed for Blood for Bones somewhat freely, and puts a lot of pressure into play.

I've been playing this deck on Arena for a while, but I'll work on making a sideboard explanation for it eventually when I've played it some more. Anyways, thanks for reading and feel free to discuss/suggest improvements!


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