Piloting the Deck

This is my take on a reanimator toolbox themed Sorin, Vengeful Bloodlord oathbreaker deck with Entomb as his signature spell. Alternatively, Buried Alive can be used as the signature spell too to switch things up. There are two main game plans which is to either quickly lock out the table with a reanimated Iona, Shield of Emeria by turn 1/2 or grind out our opponents to eventually win via attrition or combo out. There are some common scenarios that I have encountered which can be resolved by Sorin:

  • I have one or more fatties like Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite and a reanimation spell in my opening hand. This can be resolved with an Entomb for Putrid Imp as a discard outlet and have Sorin reanimate the imp.
  • I have a reanimation spell in hand with no fatty. This can be easily resolved with an Entomb to search for any fatty.
  • I have one or more fatties and a discard outlet in my opening hand. This can be resolved with an Entomb to search for Karmic Guide . If Sorin has been ticking up his loyalty at least once, he should have enough to get it back to cheat a fatty in.

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Notable Synergies

The following are synergies that are easy to assemble and helps with the gameplan:

Win Conditions

The following are my main win conditions:

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Recurring Nightmare is unbanned and is a great addition to the deck.

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