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Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge

Oathbreaker UBRG


tep 1: You play Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge with five artifacts. Step 2: You play Karn, The Great Creator for free (since it has affinity for artifacts). Step 3: You -2 Karn and get Guardians of Koilos. Step 4: You play Guardian of Koilos for free, triggering Sai, Master Thopterist and returning Karn, The Great Creator to your hand. Step 5: You replay Karn, The Great Creator and -2 it again, getting the second Guardian of Koilos. Step 6: You play the second Guardian and bounce the first Guardian, triggering Sai. Repeat forever. Step 7: Use Tezzeret’s +2 to kill your opponent.


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This deck is Oathbreaker legal.

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