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In upcoming super-standard we're trying out new 5 mana Tezzeret while keeping our eyes peeled for any copies of Cleansing Nova and Reclamation Sage being played (have seen very few of these). Now that there are so many broadly playable maindeck cards (Ballista, Doomfall, Contempt), I think the final fate of this list will involve upping the number of narrow but matchup-defining sideboard cards (Authority, Spyglass, Scarab God, Lost Legacy).

Got its second competitive-REL top 8 recently, as well as many 4-0s at weekly tournaments :).

Recent changes:

-2 Vraska's Contempt for +2 Seal Away, +1 Commit. Now 2 Contempts sideboard. Testing this to lower the removal curve while still having relevant cards/outs against control.
Just another card like Invoke the Divine that is relevant in a lot of matchups, worthy here for including aggressive ones (vehicles). It has always been a smart removal spell for lots of interesting corner cases, but right now it's especially good with tyrants like Teferi and Azcanta ruling the metagame.
The power of Settle is unmatched. I tested a Settle in the side over Golden Demise, brought it in 100% of the time, swapped a Fumigate to side. Then, again, I switched a Golden Demise to Settle in side, brought it in 100% of the time, and now here we are with 2 Settles, a Fumigate, and Demise in board. Beautiful mixture. Discerning opponents will pull their hair out playing around 4 untapped mana with 2 Settles and 2 Contempts.
Backbreaking in vehicle and haste creature matchups; life and tempo gained seem almost insurmountable when played early. Tested and here to stay.


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