Modern Molten Vortex/Seismic Assault deck. Probably should mulligan until your opening hand has 1 or more Seismic Assault or Molten Vortex , or several draw cards. Cathartic Reunion and Tormenting Voice to draw into more land to be discarded and as an engine for cheap Fiery Temper s. Avacyn's Judgment for more discard damage, and Lightning Bolt for plain old direct damage. Insolent Neonate as an early game chump and draw, and Dragonmaster Outcast as an early game chump or a late game bomb. The Canyon Sloughs are just there for their cycling ability, but can also be played if need be or discarded for Seismic Assault or Molten Vortex .

Kind of budget, but not necessarily meant to be. Please make suggestions, upvote, and help me out with the sideboard.


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-32 Mountain main
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+2 Dragonmaster Outcast main
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-2 Insolent Neonate main
-4 Magmatic Insight main
+30 Mountain main
-2 Avacyn's Judgment main
-4 Expedite main
+4 Magmatic Insight maybe
+2 Incorrigible Youths maybe