Let me start off by saying props to MTG Muddstah for coming up with the original idea for this deck. If you're looking for quality EDH gameplay, it's hard to beat his channel.

Basically, the idea is to throw a bunch of lords in a monoblue deck and beat face. Pretty straightforward. The two main tribes in this deck are Merfolk and Wizards.

With our commander Mistform Ultimus counting as every creature type at all times, Mistform will be able to reap all the benefits regardless of how our field plays out. The OG changeling also lets us abuse cards like Stoneforge Masterwork in absurd ways.


Can you say, " Call to the Kindred ?"


The deck mainly wins through commander damage and aggro (weird for blue right?) but since this is also a wizard tribal deck we run an alternate wincon with Azami, Lady of Scrolls + Laboratory Maniac + Mind Over Matter

Another cool combo you can try pretty much ONLY with a Mistform deck like this is using Mistform Ultimus + Oathkeeper, Takeno's Daisho + Wanderwine Prophets for infinite turns. (Granted you can hit with the prophets each time)


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