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Mono white Eldrazi and Taxes for Modern

The focus of the Death and Taxes strategy is to play disruptive creatures to slow down the opponent and win through combat damage. The disruption comes from mana denial in the form of Thalia, Guardian of Thraben which slows down noncreature spells and Leonin Arbiter which is amazing against fetch lands and works really well with Ghost Quarter and Path to Exile. The Eldrazi package in the mono white list exists because of Thought-Knot Seer which is never a bad card.

The rest of the creatures are value creatures and evasion. Giver of Runes is the primary way to protect your best hate creature in play. After that, Flickerwisp has so many uses when combined with your Aether Vial's.

You win the game by denying your opponents resources and then out-valuing them to attack.

I don't like Stoneforge Mystic in the 75 because, in my personal opinion, it is a trap. Yes, it is a powerful card, but you sacrifice at least 5 cards in the mainboard that could instead be better hate pieces to fit your local metas. Not only that, but the package itself does cost quite a bit of money.


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