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"After death you face paradise, damnation, or Tariel."

[Tariel, Reckoner of Souls - Primer]


When she was released in the 2011 Commander Precon "Heavenly Inferno", was the first time i tried building a deck around her. Back in the day it consisted mainly of massremoval and was pretty boring tbh. Of course you can go that route, other lists built vampire-tribal or idk. I also made a physical alter for the card back in the day, which i uploaded, in case you're wondering.

So this time, 8 years later, it's 2019 and i wanted to focus on Tariel, embrace the randomness and build her once more.

Wanting to go in style and having a more thematic approach on this deck, so...

...here are a few limitations i set upon myself:

  • No legendaries beside her, spotlight's on the red angel.
  • No insta-win combos, infinite-combos.
  • No land-destruction. (Except Strip Mine , if somebody goes Cradle etc.)
  • No stax.
  • keeping the powerlevel at bay, like a 7-8 out of 10.
  • No alternate wincon, but to beat opponents with Tariel or their own creatures.
  • Keeping it random, Faerie Macabre being the only exception.

Well, she's the definition of a Battlecruiser, CMC 7, Toughness 7, packing the right colors to have all that is needed to guide you towards lategame. An ability that is super fun, random making it even more exciting to see what you get.

Sporting a blazing red armor and dragging the enemy's creatures back into battle with an ironchain, while wielding a gigantic scythe(altered it, used to be an axe), what's not to love about her? ;)

In case your intrested her lore, check it out:

Tariel's Lore Show

Also interesting is this about the process of design & developmet of her: Check it out

This is totally the right deck for you, if...

  • ...you enjoy long games.
  • ...you're fine with paying lot's of attention to what your opponents are doing
  • ...you wanna win in style and not with the same old infinite combo strings etc.
  • ...you like commander focused decks.

At the beginning of the game you wanna focus on disrupting your opponents and keeping them from comboing off and beating you in the face for commanderdamage. Also playing carddraw spells and filtering is necessary to hit a land every turn.

Next is bringing out Tariel which can be done around turn 4-5, depending on you hitting a ritual or not. As soon as she's been out once, you can start robbing graves. If a removal hits her, it's usually better to let her go to the grave, reanimating is way cheaper than recasting her every time.

From this point on, keep ripping creatures from your opponents, draw a ton of cards and answer almost any situation with the amazing options provided by Mardu!

Other than that there's no option to win - beat your opponents in the face with their own creatures or let Tariel do the grind to 21 commanderdamage.

Here's what the 3 colors provided by Tariel will offer you:

will provide you with lifepoints and can handle all permanent types when it comes to removing them.

has carddraw and provides tutors, also reanimator spells.

gives the filters and has some of the best ritual and disruption cards available.


The other cards can be used as fit, most of them are instant speed and can let you deal with troublesome setups.


The RITUALS are used to give access to Tariel around turn 4-5, you want to wait for the right moment as graves should fill first. Though on the other hand, getting her early to the grave, makes getting her into play later on easier.


Speaking of reanimating Tariel... thats what cards as Reanimate , Victimize or Karmic Guide are for. They also come in handy when you need to reset your lifepoints. Yawgmoth's Will , Past in Flames and Mizzix's Mastery are just insane, pretty much speaking for themselves.


As a matter of fact you'll be spending a lot of lifepoints to draw cards or do other stuff, so reseting them is necessary to stay alive as the game goes on.

I decided to go with Resolute Archangel and Exquisite Archangel , both can be reanimated, or if needed pumped out by a ritual. These two are sort of your lifeasurance. Entomb ing them and reanimating for a reset, is highly recommended.


You're gonna need a blocker and something to sac here and there, also i didn't wanna go pillowfort with this deck. So i went with Bitterblossom & Assemble the Legion , which only cost their initial mana to produce nonstop tokens. -on a sidenote, i do like faeries ;)


Running a huge suit of filter and carddraw makes it possible to run just 28 lands. You can also use the tutors to get a land, if you're unlucky. Consistency is key, afterall she's not the biggest powerhouse all on her own.


Few things i picked to get a bit more attention for her. Haste and Indestructible are nice and the ability to avoid casting a fullprice Tariel is also very cool. Life's Finale synergises very well with her ability and is something you should cast as many times as possible.

The Faerie and the Mirror

When you sac Mirror of Fate , which is part of the activationcost, it goes to the grave. You can then hold up priority and use Faerie Macabre , discard her(which is also a cost) to remove her and the Mirror from the grave and put the Mirror and faerie on top of your new library. This is a somewhat hilarious combo as you can keep on doing this, endless Doomsday , as long as noone interrupts. Faerie Macabre is one of my favorite cards ;)

Hope you enjoyed reading! Am i missing something? Open for feedback/ suggestions/ help


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