Hey all and welcome back to The Mad Shaman's Brewery. I'm your host Nillstan, The Mad Shaman himself!

Normally, Elves is an archetype I stay out of. But it looked fun, so I tried it. Many different builds as a matter of fact. I didn't like any of them. They were no fun for me cant say I enjoyed at all.

But I, determined as I am to be able to enjoy almost all forms of magic (not the degenerate junk though. Not yet.), decided that I was going to like an elf deck if it killed me.

And so, I lit a fire under my cauldron and got brewing, eventually turning out this pile of fun.


RG Elves is not a new idea. Though, I've never seen it work quite as efficiently as this. Its built in a way that walks a fine line between Stupid Jank and Traditional Elves.

This allows me to play an elf deck that is still pretty powerful, but also great fun.

Your main bread and butter here is your cascading with Bloodbraid Elf (BBE) in combination with the elf synergies.

Rhythm of the Wild pushes this deck WAY over the top in terms what it should be able to do. Card is nuts, guys. No doubt about that.

The thing that really separates this deck from a traditional elf deck is the lack of big mana. Cuz you dont need it. You dont have to make a billion mana for the deck to work. This allows more space for streamlining, as things like Nettle Sentinel aren't necessary.

This means I can still be really quick without having to conform to the traditional elves playstyle.

Naya Hushblade has been a surprise allstar from day one. She's resilient, fast, and has a great body considering what this deck does.

Atarka's Command is the newest addition to the maindeck, originally being tested as a variant. It's great. The usual choice is to use it as a trick, choosing pump+burn. Although it can definitely get you out of a tough spot against say Martyr of Sands


I want to eventually take this to some sort of major event and do well with it. That's the goal.

I have a plan for improving this deck up to that point.

  1. Test deck
  2. Test variants
  3. Tune
  4. Test deck
  5. Test variants
  6. Tune

And so on. I'm in mostly uncharted territory overall, so I've been doing it from scratch since the start.

Latest Testing Results

The following are results of the last major testing session, as well as the results from the Bard Variant testing.

Bard Variant- This variant was terrible as predicted. Not only does it forgo the Beats n' Burn playstyle this deck is known for and good for, but it performed just plain old badly. I predicted as much.

Mainboard- No changes.

Sideboard- the Alpine Moon were a good addition with all the titan decks running about the place. Calling out their valakut with it is a good way to beat the deck that mine has a decent amount of trouble with.

-1x Rhythm of the Wild

-1x Kitchen Finks

+2x Alpine Moon

Newest Variant In Testing

No new variant has been suggested.


The following is a list of cards that get retested with every new variant. What remains in the list is what actually performed to my (admittedly strict) expectations.


Thanks for having a look at my deck. In my efforts to make this a solid competitive choice, I've hit a few roadblocks I could always used some help with. It would mean the world to me. Thanks a million!


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