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Scarab God Zombie Tribal

Commander / EDH UB (Dimir)



Modified Scarab God zombie tribal deck from the Commander's Quarters YouTube channel. Always a work in progress (what deck isn't?) but for the time being this is the finished product. The main strategy is to use The Scarab God's upkeep ability to drain opponents and scry. Because The Scarab God is a high priority target when on the board, the secondary strategy of this deck is simply to use large numbers of zombies to swing out at opponents and drain them depending on which zombies creatures are on the board along with recurring them from the graveyard either using sorceries, other zombies such as Havengul Lich, or The Scarab God itself for staying power. Couple of infinite combos for damage, mana, or zombies with the two altars, Rooftop Storm, Gravecrawler, and Diregraf Colossus with the miriad of zombies that deal damage to opponents for each dead zombie. Any suggestions are appreciated!


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