Looking for sugestions to improve my main EDH deck. I am primarily looking to make a fun casual deck, hence my choice of a commander, but would still like it to be fairly effective. I enjoy playing the game and having interesting interactions more than winning and would like to avoid cards and combos that immediately end the game or win on their own like Felidar Sovereign . They are just not exciting to me when they work which create feel bad moments for me. Because of that I like to put in a few flashy big cards like Avacyn, Angel of Hope or Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger more because they're fun rather than good. So my main "win-con" is hitting everyone in the face really hard but advice on that is welcome too.

I don't really have a budget but please do not suggest expensive cards I do not have unless you feel they would drastically improve the deck. Similarly if you feel anything in the Aquire section is unnecessary PLEASE suggest replacements. Sideboard is interesting cards that I happen to own. Maybeboard is cards I'm considering but do not own.


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