This deck is both Nightmare tribal in its literal sense and its figurative sense. I have deliberately put in cards and combinations that have been deemed to be nightmares to play against by Magic players. There are also cards that have been included because they have "Nightmare" and "Dream" in their names.

There is an underlying Nicol Bolas theme: Nicol Bolas, God Pharaoh is the living nightmare of the Gatewatch, especially after he defeated them with little effort. Crux of Fate is a good boardwipe in addition to extra flavour.

Orb of Dreams and Winter Orb: they are the elements of my nasty lockdown for my opponents. Everything comes in tapped, thanks to Orb of Dreams and Winter Orb ... well, only one mana per person. Muahahaha. Sorry. I will behave (a little) now.

Ashiok's Skulker, and both aspects of Ashiok - Dream Render and Nightmare Weaver - are nightmares in their aspects, power and lore. It would be foolish not to include them. Nightmarish End is shows Ashiok and has Nightmare in its name.

I use a famous combo in this deck: Worldgorger Dragon + Animate Dead. I plan on using Comet Storm, Street Spasm and a card I still need to add: Torment of Hailfire. I have a reputation in my play group - the unsuspecting suckers will not see this coming!

Hope you have enjoyed this deck!

Raven Rose


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