I also have a budget version of this deck!!!

What this deck is:

  • Timmy!!!!: Want to drop giant creatures? Look no further
  • Value: Creatures are either free, or under costed due to Rakdos' ability.
  • Board state: Because your stuff is cheap/free/HUGE, you should always have a better board state once rakdos is active. The key is DOING THIS .
  • Competitive: Deck doesn't need to win all the time, or win on turn 4, but needs to consistently win. Geared towards 4 player pods.
  • FUN!: Deck must be interesting enough to play over and over again.

How this deck works:

  • Pingers: Rakdos doesn't work unless damage is dealt in a turn first. I could do this with burn spells, but it feels much more efficient to do it with pingers. It also helps keep our curve from being too awful.
  • More Damage Effects: More damage = more free stuff.
  • Tutors
  • Card Draw: I only wish I could fit MORE card draw in.
  • Mana Ramp/fixing
  • Removal
  • Hate-bears

Why is this in here?

  • Pestilence Pyrohemia = The work horse of the deck, not only is it great removal, but it allows you to either cast Rakdos, or more likely, keep casting stuff for free. Just be careful not to kill yourself with it.

  • Whip of Erebos = Casting a giant eldrazi sucks for your opponent. It sucks even more when they take damage when its cast and AGAIN after they manage to kill it. And even MORE when you do it for free! Also gives you a free turn if your commander dies and you cast it from your graveyard before moving it back to the command zone. (Unless some jerk across the table decides to Reanimate and steal your demon)

  • Heartless Hidetsugu = Sometimes the threat of Heartless is better than actually using him. Yes, the biggest creature in the deck is technically 13 mana, but isn't it fun to have an 80 mana discount for a turn? If you have Whip of Erebos out while you do this, you also gain all that life too!

  • Why X creature? = Almost every creature in this deck serves a duo-purpose: they either help us get our commander out, ramp, removal, card draw, or they directly help us win the game. Sure, Sheoldred, Whispering One isn't a must, but she synergies well with It That Betrays .

Cons of this deck:

  • Rakdos Needs to Live. Where as you will eventually still out value your opponents if the game goes long enough (since most of your non-eldrazi creatures are also good utility), there's nothing more frustrating than playing against a blue player who counters/bounces rakdos until he costs too much mana to play.
  • This deck is trying to do two things at the same time. Its trying to deal habitual, continuous damage AND drop giant free creatures. Therefore, there's a very odd and delicate balance between your mass of 6+ drops and being able to do anything in your first several turns. I think after two years of tinkering with it, I have a fairly good balance now.
  • Its not animar. It can't kill someone on turn 4 (usually) but it has many of the same flaws as animar. However, flying/trample give some pretty good evasion, and he tends not to be hated off the table instantly like animar.

Feel free to give me any suggestions or tell me why I'm wrong!


Updates Add

(-) Sign in Blood
(-) Night’s Whisper
(+) Demonic Tutor
(+) Theatre of horrors

(+) A budget version of this deck!!!!

Removing these two one time draw spells for a tutor and a recurring draw spell seems okay. Theatre of horrors seems like a slightly better version of outpost siege for our deck, with both a pinger enabler and the upsides of both playing lands of it and not exiling something the same turn if I flip over something large early.
I understand the single use draw spells make the deck faster, but this deck is leaning solid midrange, so I think it can take the hit.

With Rakdos being reprinted in the guild kit, I’ve seen a LOT more people interested in joining the cult of Rakdos; understanding not everyone has 2k to drop on a deck, I created a budget version and linked it to this deck; It’s similar to what this deck slowly evolved out of, minus some of the cards I discovered simply didn’t work (I’m looking at you braids of fire). I suppose demon daddy isn’t the most intuitive guy to build around, but hopefully the Facebook crowd can get something out of it.



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