"Behind the golden walls of the palace lays a court of a thousand faces. Angels, shining in the light, debate with fire-cloaked Demons in front of ethereal audiences. Stewards and Clerics walk the sprawling labyrinth of halls to issue royal decrees, pretending not to notice the cloaked assassins lurking in the dark. At the center of the palace sits a throne forged of Order and Chaos, of Providence and Perdition, of Heaven and Hell, and the one who reclines on it is the master of all: The Queen."

This is the first draft of a Mardu politics/control deck that's mostly for fun at a higher powered kitchen table. Removal suite is being tuned, ramp is being assessed and landbase needs work. Creatures are whatever for now. Any and all feedback is appreciated.




Nice deck list! It looks fun with all the big bomb creatures and board wipes. I have slowly weeded out most of these cards from my Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control deck in an effort to hone in on the most efficient and effective table politics deck. Sometimes I miss those bombs, but usually, I play a different deck if I want bombs because I find them to be relatively counter to politics. If you would like to understand what I mean, check out my deck and the extensive description, and I am happy to weigh in and answer questions about how I see table politics.

In the mean time, I have a simple suggestion. You include Lightning Greaves, but only play 16 creatures, and Queen Marchesa only partially benefits from it. On top of that, I find that baiting people into killing her is a great way to recast her to regain The Monarch, so even the part that she benefits from is actually counter to how I like to play her.

If you want a creature enhancer, try substituting something like Key to the City or Duelist's Heritage. Both enhance your creatures, and both can be used to make deals with other players, reinforcing that table interaction and politics. Both go great with Queen Marchesa, as Key to the City helps you to regain The Monarch, along with card filtering, and Duelist's Heritage makes deathtouch creatures scary, while making your big bomb creatures deadly. Check out my descriptions of how I use them on my deck description.

September 5, 2017 9:20 p.m.

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