At first I was planning to play 5 colors just for Eldrazi Displacer. I was also planning to run a few eldrazi processors and to take advantage to exiling my opponent's stuff with Oblivion Ring and other similar exile effects, but when I did the final cuts, there was no processors left (except for one maybe), and white was really not present enough to justify having the color.

I could definitely run a colorless version of the deck, but there is too many Devoid Eldrazi that I wanted to run, so here it is. This is the first draft of the deck, I have no idea how it will end up playing, but the balance of Land/Creatures/Spells are quite normal.

I also wanted the deck to be as Eldrazi-Theme as I could. Every card is Eldrazi flavored, except for the mana rocks, most of the mana base and the commanders. There are probably better spells instead of Oblivion Strike , but I wanted to stay on theme.

I'm eager to try it out.



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