This deck came about based on the Aluren decks in Legacy seeming really fun. The basic premise is to use Aluren to go infinite with creatures. Cloudstone Curio plus any token maker is infinite as well, and in the context of scion tokens both damage potential and colorless mana. I picked the commanders I did because Ravos can help me recur any creature pieces that might have died/been discarded and Thrassios, with infinite mana will let me draw out my deck to get to a win condition. Blood Artist and Zulaport Cutthroat let me win with scion maker, and Altar of the Brood + Aluren with any bounce creature is also a win. The guys that draw cards are there mainly there to help me dig through the deck. The rest is ramp and tutoring. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Played a quick commander game with a list that is only slightly off from the above. We setup the opening to mess with a friend, but it was still awesome to turn 1, Island into Mana Crypt into Show and Tell into Aluren into Cavern Harpy + Parasitic Strix


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