You basically just draw cards until jace/ulamog/sphinxes tutelage mills them or they give up from you taking 12 turns in a row.




rynonator says... #1

I like what you are going with here but why have the Eidolon of Rhetoric, it seems counter intuitive to what Narset does. And keep in mind that you cannot cast spells with X in their cost off of Narset. Now a few suggestions! I'm surprised to not see Traumatize, this is an easy addition. Psychic Spiral is really good too as well as Mindcrank, especially in this deck. If you can afford him, Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger is fantastic for just his mill ability. When you get Strionic Resonator (which I highly recommend you get asap) you can attack and mill for 40. Just a few ideas! This is the first Narset mill deck I've seen and I like it!

March 18, 2016 2:32 p.m.

zombieweirdo says... #2

Thanks for the suggestions, I realy need to get those now.

March 18, 2016 4:25 p.m.

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