Main deck is basically finished! Yay!

However, the deck is still greatly focused on multiplayer games, with very slow acceleration. Have cut alot of the slower mana dorks because my meta has some pretty fair decks. Am working on acquiring foil cards in the maybe board to switch in for 1v1 games! Will include stax plan along with elfball and MLD :)

However, for now, since I have been unable to find the entire suite of cards, it will remain a pool of random selesnya card pool that I manage to pickup. Largely for self reference only!

Side board are cards I have cut/wanted to play with but have not yet tried out.



PartyJ says... #1

I run a Sisay deck too. How competitive do you wish it to be?

September 13, 2017 2:58 p.m.

LynnChalice says... #2

Hey! I actually don't use tappedout too much at all... I accidentally misclicked the deckcycling thing which might've caused the deck to appear :\

Personally, I actually did manage to make the entire Hokori, Dust Drinker/Armageddon deck with faster acceleration. I cut all the random fatties and went for the linvala/elesh +living plane plan! I played that deck for a good 20~months (all the way up till December 2016), and moved onto Derevi, Empyrial Tactician... (mostly because I already had a lot of expensive bombs in selesnya colours and I felt Derevi was going to be pretty awesome in my playgroup!) By the time paradox engine was spoiled, I had already bought Tropical Island and Tundra and was past the point of no return. I think Sisay is a better deck against slower, more casual metas (stax + fatties, not the storm version). She's fun to play, and somewhat open ended because there are a multitude of different lines of play, so I've really enjoyed her. My meta is comprised of an array of decks, most of which are fast combo (flash hulk/gitrog), mixed in with a couple of control decks in the mix because we play team oriented games as opposed to free for all games where the game ends much faster. I am the only stax/resource denial player in my meta.

I think overall, my thoughts on Sisay are that her locks are abit softer then Derevi even though she has alot more steam when she is left unanswered. She's great when she can untap even once because of the threat of Hokori decks, but cards that I've personally found very difficult to power through were Humility, The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale, Bribery (Elesh Norn/Linvala) or an opponents Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite/Linvala, Keeper of Silence. Although these problems are hardly solved in Derevi, I can play Sisay if i walked into a random store in a random city, but Derevi has a 50/50 chance of being a terrible deck/fantastic bullet depending on who sits across the table from me. Her ability to handle midrange-ey decks while being a stax commander is quite unique outside of her and Selvala, both break parity a little bit differently I guess, depends on which you prefer.

Wew. With all that said, I have tried a couple games with the new storm Sisay deck by shamelessly net-decking the list off from the EDH discord/labmaniac lists. Unfortunately I did not have a great experience with Fire Covenant or Toxic Deluge type effects. Also because of the number of counterspells in my playgroups, sometimes Sisay getting countered twice means I really have to suck it up and play really slow games without doing much at all, especially in cases where she gets cast using fast mana and I have no other way to get cards quickly without getting lucky and drawing a great tutor. I've always enjoyed your lists, back then I believe you used to play Insist and Savage Summoning, and I was a big fan (sorry if this wasn't you, but I think it was? There weren't many Sisay decks on tapped out prior to the printing of Paradox Engine). How has Paradox been for you? Is this version of Sisay better in a pure T1 meta? I was really revisiting these lists to see if she was worth a revisit!

Hopefully the wall of text isn't too much for you, I've never really had a conversation with someone about the older Sisay decks because everyone is so obsessed with the fast combo version of Sisay now. I guess doing the Sisay combo IRL is also very cumbersome; playing side events at a GP while having to demonstrate the Cloudstone Curio+Reki, History of Kamigawa+random cheap legendary is a straight nightmare because they have to cut your deck for you to draw, then continue searching with sisay when you begin the paradox combo etc. Its a major reason why I have not returned to Sisay for extensive testing. Hopefully you have some insight for me!

September 14, 2017 11:44 a.m.

PartyJ says... #3

Hey Lynn,

well Paradox Engine really had a big impact on the competitive Sisay scene. I think you are referring to me yes. And I have been playing with this deck for many years already. I started as a really casual player, just having alot of fun. But I learned that you only have fun, when you face great matchups. So the fun factor can be found in casual and competitive. Back in the days Sisay was my first and only deck I played, so as my meta slowly, very slowly, moved from uber casual... to casual, to semi casual and to a hyper competitive meta it is today... I decided that I would build one deck that could follow that trend and I chose Sisay for this. In the meantime I have two decks which can hold up thier pants in competitive play... cause we all know things get boring if you stick to the same deck for ages.... Sisay in storm is brutal, unforgiving and really consistant. Turn 2 wins with my build are not rare.... Is it fun? Yes, but not all the time. People fear me when they see I grab Sisay and my meta has great respect for building this deck from the bottom up. I am not a netdecker, but I do like to discuss options with several of the best Sisay players around in the competitive scene. We agreed that together we can build to 'near' perfection and that process alone is already great to experience, let alone playing and testing it.

But I would say its unhealhty to stick to this all the time. Thats why I play some goofy stupid builds which makes up for some great indepth games with great length. Where stupid discisions are taken and ppl laugh and have a great time.... an evening where the focus is on the drinks and laughter and not on the perfect gameplan....

To end the wall of text. Sisay is a huge threat. But T1 is not defined by a list where it says that T1.5 usually loses from T1. It all depends on your local meta. Adept to your meta and judge Sisay in there. My meta usually has no answer to my build, other than that ppl span together to try to survive her. In the wrong meta ppl get really annoyed when you are constantly looking through your deck... As a Sisay player I have learned when to play her and when to keep her in the box.

September 14, 2017 3:30 p.m.

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