One day I was on my walk to work and I was thinking about my best girl, Phage, and how best to do stupid things with her. Luckily for me, the commanders for 2018 had just been spoiled, so I had a lot of new material to work with. Something drew me to Aminatou and her seemingly underpowered loyalty abilities.

And so I got to thinking... Manifested creatures are super mysterious aren't they? No one knows what they are until they come onto the battlefield (usually). That means they don't have enter the battlefield effe--

Yup. I made a manifest deck with a bunch of silly creatures like Phage, Serra Avatar, and Blightsteel. Since Aminatou helps me always stack the top card of my library, I get to play FUN MIND GAMES. Did I just manifest a Phage? A land? Should you block?

To make things even sweeter, I threw in a couple of value deathtouch creatures to make sure that people always keep their guard up.

Am I a monster?



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