My current iteration of the CMDR 18 Bant Enchantments deck. Looking for feedback, because there are a lot of issues and I know nothing about running these types of decks.

What I would love is for guidance, from my understanding there is Voltron and Control when it comes to enchantment decks of this color combination. I adore the synergy and triggers that comes from playing the deck but I am having trouble deciding which is why I would love some feedback from the people who run Voltron or Control. What would be even better is if someone could prove me wrong and show me another way of playing the deck.

What I know: - I need more enchantments - I need to protect the enchantments - I need a way to bring the easily destructible enchantments back

What I don't know - Enchantment win cons - Control win cons in these colors - Just about everything else

TLDR: this deck needs help and I barely know where to begin.


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