Creature (98)

Artifact (23)

Planeswalker (7)

Instant (92)

Land (33)

Sorcery (78)

Enchantment (54)

Can't make a binder yet.

If it's listed it's for trade. Cards I'm specifically looking for are in the Maybe board.

Don't know how to add these exactly so in addition to what's listed I also have:

5x Foil BFZ Plains

2x Foil BFZ Island

2x Foil AKH Island

1x Foil HOU Island

1x Foil AKH Mountain

1x Foil BFZ Mountain

1x Standard Showdown Forest

1x Standard Showdown Island

Wurmcoil Engine is signed

I haven't traded on here yet so if you have references I'll gladly send first.

Primary seeking:

4x Reanimate

4x Entomb

2x Griselbrand

4x Chancellor of the Annex


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