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Oh My God You know a deck is good when it goes to FNM, beats two saheeli cat combos, and comes in first place. And oh my god is it going to get better with harsh mentor and as foretold. If you want to play this deck before Amonkhet releases just add another Dynavolt, another mountain, and two baral.

How to PlayWhat you want in this deck is a Thing in the Ice  Flip, When it enters, you just leave it slowly just counter and remove everything your opponents cast until, BOOM, You get a 7/8 to attack with. Now, I know what your thinking, this deck is slow, and it is. I've gone games where I was at 5 health, and my opponent was at 20, And I still came back and won (I will talk about the game at the end of this) But the turn around of one or more Thing in the ice is massive. This deck will over time kill your opponent, lets say you have 2 Dynavolt Towers out and you shock a creature your opponent controls, that is 4 energy that you can later spend to deal 3 damage, which may not seem like a lot, but when games last a while it really does. It snowballs until its over for them.

How I won In one turn

My status, 5 health, 2 untapped mountains, Thing in the Ice  Flip with 2 counters, a Dynavolt Tower, 4 energy, in hand a Torrential Gearhulk, and 2 card:Shocks

Opponent, 20 health, No untapped mana, 13 Servos, a Westvale Abbey  Flip that was transformed, a card:Gieon, ally of zendikar that was a creature and he gave all his creatures 3 +1/+1 counters, and he swung all out.

What Happened was I shocked him twice, he went to 16, flipping my thing in the ice. His creatures went to his hand, I then dynavolted him, he went to 13. My turn, I drew a shock, I shocked him, dynavolted him, attacked with thing in the ice, he was at 1 health. I torrentialed my shock and won. Kapow


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