This is only my 2nd attempt ever at a legitimate competitive deck. I know it probably won't win any tournaments, but I'm looking to spend less than $80, just want to not get crushed every game lol.

Tons of mana ramp in the hopes of getting Primalcrux out by Turn 3 or 4. If not, there's haste creatures Groundbreaker and Boggart for some quick damage. And Genesis Hydra that, depending on how the land and ramp worked or not, I can cast for lower (2G and 1-3 others) and try to get more ramp or some of the haste creatures out, or cast for 2G and 6 others and hopefully hit a Primalcrux. Also has Lightning Greaves to use on either ramp cards or attacking creatures (or both in the same turn!), and some drawing cards (Harmonize and Beast Whisperer) to keep things moving or if I get stuck with all lands and mana ramps.

In modern you pretty much have to win by like turn 4 or 5 though, right? (assuming neither running control). Or can it get to 5-8? Been years since I went to a tournament. Turn 4-5, I feel like this deck only occasionally rolls, turn 5-8 I feel better about it.

Please let me know what you think! Thank you!


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