1.Bonescythe Sliver + Syphon Sliver + Essence Sliver = quadrupled lifegain

2.with Sliver Hivelord on the battlefield, Psionic Sliver + Syphon Sliver + Essence Sliver + Venom Sliver = quadrupled lifegain (double from dmg dealt and double from dmg taken) and 1 creature kill(deathtouch) per single tap

REMARK: Ability of Essence Sliver is not Lifelink, its doesn't conflict with Syphon Sliver ability

3.Bonescythe Sliver + Virulent Sliver + Triumph of the Hordes = "ALMOST" quadrupled poison counter (exp: if u attack with 2 2/2 Slivers and is not blocked, due to Double Strike, your opponent will get 2 poison counter per Sliver, total 4 poison counter from ability of Virulent Sliver. And then 4 poison per Sliver, total 8 poison counter from Infect ability(Triumph of the Hordes), so your opponent get total 12 poison counter in this combat phase)

4.Thorncaster Sliver + Venom Sliver = extra 1 dmg to ping your opponent or kill 1 of opponent's creature for every single attacking Sliver before your opponent declares blocker


Updates Add

  1. Remove Scalding Tarn/Unclaimed Territory/Exotic Orchard/Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
  2. Remove all Shock Land except those with Forest Type
  3. Remove Sylvan Scrying
  4. Add in 3 Forest/3 Plains/2 Island/2 Swamp/1 Mountain
  5. Add in Cultivate/Kodama's Reach
  6. Remove Swords to Plowshares/Negate/Sensei's Divining Top
  7. Add in Birds of Paradise/Prismatic Omen
  8. Add in Thorncaster Sliver/Synapse Sliver/Diffusion Sliver

Remark 1: Total Land count slim down to 33

Remark 2: Remove 60% of the Shock Land, keep all 5pcs of Battle Land, keep 9pcs of Fetch Land, add in total 11pcs of Basic Land, add in Cultivate & Kodama's Reach for tutor Basic Land, now more easier to having 2 Basic Land on the battlefield and make Battle Land can comes in untapped.


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