Thryx is an ocean man. Oh, how i love it when you take me by the hand, lead me to the land of good keeps and better cuisine. May your marine, manly musk attract fish and crustacean alike to tie the lungs of your adversaries into ribbons. Your long, grey locks flow in the air like fetid seaweed flailing to stay buoyant in the brackwaters of the world. Your bellowing voice is like boulders. Your eyes pierce me like like the morning sun cutting through the dusk before starting a wildfire. You move at a speed which can only be described as unprecedented for one of your size. Your bulky frame moves about like Mary Poppins in a hurricane. You pop up out of nowhere like the blitz of a tourist in West Berlin, taking pictures of today's breakfast. Your manly cravings for omega-3 are final and irrefutable, and through your charismatic networking skills you even get your fish at a discount. Oh, how I wish you'd caress me with those hairy arms of yours with as much affection as you strangle your foes with rage. Ah, your rage. Had I put a kettle on your forehead, I'd have hard boiled eggs in ten minutes. But you don't care for eggs, do you? You only need the ocean to bring you sustenance and the means to pulverize your enemies into sand. From the land, you take me by the hand towards the ocean. Thryx, the ocean man.


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