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Slime Time: Biooze Clone Lab

Standard* Combo GU (Simic)



Enchantment (1)


Duplicate Biogenic Ooze to grow a team, both with additional Ooze token and +1/+1 triggers. Excess mana can be spent to make more Oozes, but the clones of Biooze are where the fun really gets going, doubling and tripling the number of Ooze growth triggers.

Quasiduplicate is great the first time and gets nuts when you jump start it. Try and save for Biooze when possible.

Repudiate / Replicate serves double duty as a legit Stifle-mimic and additional copies of Quasiduplication.

Who else to duplicate? Mesmerizing Benthid is a nice alternative to Biooze until we can get the combo running.


Simic Ascendency can easily accumulate counters rapidly with Biooze, Adapt and Explore. Also a decent mana-sink late game. With all the oozes it usually takes only a couple turns to get to 20 (I’ve done it by end of Turn 5 pretty regularly). And remember, Prime Speaker Vannifar is also an Ooze!

Arcane Adaptation ensures our Merfolk and Elves are also Oozes to overcharge the Biogenic Ooze counters. Oh, and Illusion tokens and certain Octopi...Needless to say, making the rest of the team big for free is always a plus. Currently swapped out to try Hadana's Climb  Flip.


Incubation Druid is very powerful as it ramps early and even grows itself late. Goes great with...

New Horizons ! A counter and some ramp/fixing.

Llanowar Elves is a great T1 play that helps accelerate everything. Can be sacrificed to Vannifar to grab IncuDruid later in game.

Counter fun

Zegana, Utopian Speaker provides consistent card advantage and itself can grow late game.

As earlier mentioned, between Simic Ascendancy , Adapt mechanic, New Horizons and Biooze triggers were gonna be getting lots of counters. You may even want to try out Hadana's Climb  Flip, and of course we have Hydroid Krasis in the Sideboard.

Instant Evolution

With the Ooze Queen Vannifar we can use our Llanowar Elves to float then sac it and find a Incubation Druid . Or we can play Zegana, Utopian Speaker to draw a card and then sac her to find Biogenic Ooze .

If playing removal/control decks where we know Biooze is gonna get hit right away, our Carnage Tyrant s from the side can allow Vannifar to sac the Ooze with removal on stack. Also from the side we can sac a 2 drop to find our Thrashing Brontodon .

More to come...


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