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Let's give Mill a chance to shine for only (almost) $19.99!

Step right up to the most annoying concept!

Hate your friends, Hate your family, Hate your pets with cheap easy put into your graveyard fun!

Prices may fluctuate, core of deck uses lots of commons that can be picked up cheaply*

Know a better way / Good cards to consider? Please suggest them below, or just leave a comment!

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Need help! Aggro is tearing my apart!

So I completely removed Quicken (Oh no!) and replaced the 4 copies I was running for 2 copies of Diabolic Tutor and 2 copies of Traumatize.

Then I said forget that, removed my 2 copies of Diabolic Tutor and 3 copies of Elixir of Immortality for 4 Dissolve and 1 mainboard Ratchet Bomb.

I restructured my Sideboard to handle Burn or creature heavy decks to stall until my win condition.

Thanks swkelly89 for your suggestions.

Thanks _Djanngo_ for your suggestion.

Thanks user:ccharlie9999 for your suggestions.


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