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Hanna, Ship’s Navigator EDH

Commander / EDH WU (Azorius)


Stax pillowfort combo build. First assemble Aphetto Alchemist + Illusionist's Bracers combo for infinite untap and infinite mana with mana rocks. With Hanna out sac, recur, and recast spellbombs or rocks to draw entire deck. Origin Spellbomb makes infinite myr. Staff of Nin pings everyone dead. Other win cons include Allay + Enchanted Evening buying back infinitely and destroying everything. Aura Thief + Enchanted Evening steals everything. Capsize bounces everything. A fun way to win is by making everything on the board 1/1 enchantment creatures with Enchanted Evening + Godhead of Awe + Opalescence . Bear in mind all lands will be wiped with Enchanted Evening + Opalescence as they become 0/0's. The craziest gameplay is with Enchanted Evening + Humility + Opalescence . All cards in play become vanilla 1/1's with no abilities, so no mana to get out of it.

Tap down stax pieces with Urza, Lord High Artificer , Relic Barrier ,or Opposition . Sac stax pieces to Claws of Gix and Barrin, Master Wizard then recur with Hanna. Magus of the Tabernacle and High Market are additional sac outlets for Academy Rector and Aura Thief . Enchanted Evening + Sphere of Safety = no one is attacking you. 7 tutors to find pieces. Super synergistic and super fun to pilot.


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94% Competitive